How to Decorate Your Home So it Doesn't Become a Shrine to Your Kids

I had to redecorate our entire house after about 6 months of having my first baby. I loved her so much I wanted every. single. picture. of her hanging on our walls. Once I filled our living room, I started down the hallway and into the rest of the house! I was starting to run out of room and she wasn't even one! When my husband came home saying the house looked like a shrine to Josey I knew I had to rethink how I was going to keep showing off my precious baby.

Here are five tips for how to decorate your home so it doesn't become a shrine to your kid(s)...

1. Spread it out. Ok, so this first one is pretty obvious. Don't hang everything on the same wall. Don't even hang everything in the same room. Think about ALL the space in your home that you could hang something. Walk around your whole house, even in rooms you wouldn't normally think, look at all the empty spaces as well as items that no longer bring you joy. What else do you have on your walls? When was the last time you decorated?

2. Mix it up. Use an image of the whole family, each child, all the kids together, one of just the two of you and even the family pet! Also use different mediums. Mix and match frames, canvases and wood for a unique look that compliments each other. You could do a small framed series of 3 in the bathroom, a gorgeous family portrait in the dining/living room, a custom album for your coffee table and fun canvases for your rec or game room.

3. Bigger is usually better. Go for quality over quantity. A bunch of small images will look cluttered but one large wall portrait has impact when people walk in. Also think about the face size...when you use smaller images on walls, it makes it harder to see the person's face when you walk into the room. You don't want your guests having to walk right up to the wall. However, when it's a larger image, the face can be seen as soon as you walk in the room.

big family canvas in living room

4. More than one kid? No problem! My advice is to treat each child uniquely. What you did for the first child doesn't have to be the same thing you do for the others. Choose items that compliment their personality. Your outgoing daughter may love a huge canvas of her where as your laid back son may prefer a book for the coffee table. (Lay-Flat book cover shown below)

5. Use a professional! Find a portrait photographer who offers heirloom artwork. Not only do you want these images to last for generations but they have to look good too. Your professional should have some interior design experience and be able to show you how your images will look on your walls, to scale, before purchasing. A great photographer will hold your hand through the whole process ensuring you have the final product of your dreams.

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