What to Wear (and to Avoid) for your Newborn's Portrait Session

Just as they encourage in the hospital, we encourage skin to skin contact. This creates the most beautiful images.

However, not everyone is comfortable with this, here are suggestions on what you should wear and what you should avoid wearing for your newborn's portrait session.


I always suggest keeping things simple.

Look at your home. Chose colors that will go with the decor.

Stick with neutral colors (black, white, grey, beige, etc) and avoid words, logos, buttons or other distracting design elements.

What's on the bottom shouldn't matter-most photographer's will only photograph you from the waist/bust up.

I remember how difficult it can be to


Dads and brothers: If you prefer to not be shirtless, a tight fitting t-shirt with a good pair of jeans is perfect. Just like mom, stick with neutral colors and avoid distracting logos. Make sure you are comfortable.


Sisters: I provide several dresses for you to choose from. They range in sizes from 2T-7/8. Most are boutique styled dresses in ivory, cream or blush.

If you're providing the outfit, a snug fitting tank top or t-shirt in a neutral color would be perfect. Avoid items that have "room to grow" and avoid brightly colored nails, overly large bows and writing on the shirts.


These images will be hanging on your walls and treasured for years to come. By choosing simple, classic clothes you will give your images a timeless feel.

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